We provide the following computer support services:

Computer setup – Desktops and Laptops


Computer installation and setup – desktops, laptops, tablets, media servers

Upgrades and repairs


Is your computer running slow? Need RAM upgrade? HDD is getting full? Computer not booting up? Want the latest version of Windows?

Networking and File Sharing


Do you have a number of computers and want them to work together? Do you need to share photos between your computers? Do you need to print from all your PC’s and laptops to a single printer?



Is your wireless network dropping out? Cannot connect your new iPad to the network?

Internet connection setup and troubleshooting


Whether you have ADSL, Cable, NBN or Wireless Broadband – we can setup all types of connections for you.

Email setup and troubleshooting

Email Security

Need your email setup? Need to add another email account? Want your business email and your home emails separated?

Internet Security

Internet Security

The number of internet security threats is growing daily and a good security package is absolutely essential.

Viruses and Malware Removal

Virus Warning

Do you get pop-ups and strange error messages? Is your computer a bit sluggish lately? Do you find your programs are slow to open?

Data Recovery


Have you lost your data due to a computer crash? Photos gone? Hard Disk Drive crashed? Data inaccessible?


Optical Disc

Too many people realise they do not have a good backup only after a disaster. Don’t let this happen to you!

Smart phones and tablet setup and support

Mobiles Phones
Mobiles Phones

Smart phones and tablet setup and support – iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones.

Software Setup and Training

Struggling with the new look of Windows 8? Cannot find the feature you want in Word or Excel? Want to learn to use the new digital camera software?